ITEM # 100-NXA500


30 years of innovation continue with the introduction of the Fixturlaser NXA Pro.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Large touch screen
  • Color coded results
  • Improved 3D animations with video game quality graphics
  • MEMS gyroscope built-in to both sensors and the display unit
  • Large 30 millimeter 2nd generation scientific grade CCD sensors
  • Wireless Bluetooth® II built-in to small form factor sensors
  • Lifetime warranty


Shaft Alignment

  • Horizontal Machines

  • Vertical Machines

  • Machine Train

  • Spacer Shaft


  • Soft Check™

  • Feetlock™

  • Hotcheck™

  • Target Values

  • Memory Manager

  • Machine Defined Data

What’s Included

  • Full VGA 6.5″ color display, TFT-LCD backlit, sunlight readable, with wide angle viewing technology
  • M3 moveable machine transmitter/detector with 30mm CCD sensor and built-in Bluetooth II
  • S3 stationary machine transmitter/detector with 30mm CCD sensor and built-in Bluetooth II
  • NXA V brackets, including 4-150mm rods and 2-470mm chains
  • Two 970mm extension chains
  • Rod extension kit
  • NXA extension fixture
  • Angled Universal Rod tools (2)
  • Magnetic base for mounting on large diameter shafts
  • Magnetic V-brackets (2) for applications where chain brackets won’t fit
  • External power supply NXA built into carrying case
  • Carrying case – IP-65, high impact ABS
  • NXA tape measure
  • USB stick
  • Manuals – NXA
  • Lifetime warranty standard

Expansion Kits

  • 130-xa20-ol2r-xa-expansion-kit-ol2r-brackets XA OL2R, XAD software
  • 130-xa04-offset-fixture XA Offset/Cardan Fixture, XAD software
  • Fixturlaser-NXA-feat-490x320-2 Dial Indicator Target Values software for NXA


  • 101-19-12inch-tapped-rod 12″ Tapped Rod
  • 130-xa01b-non-rotating-shaft-thin-mag-bracket-with-index-bolts Non-Rotating Shaft Thin Mag Bracket w/Index Bolts
  • 101-nxa03a-v-bracket-complete V-Bracket complete
  • 101-xa03b-xa-go-extension-chain Extension Chain
  • 101-xa08-rod-kit-4-100mm-rods-and-holder Rod Kit, 4 – 100mm rods and holder
  • 101-sa008-rod-6-25-inch Rod 6.25″
  • 101-sa007-rod-2-375-inch Rod 2.375″
  • 101-xa22-xa-go-stabilizer-bar Stabilizer Bar
  • 101-25-measuring-tape Measuring Tape
  • 101-sa011-tightening-tool Tightening Tool
  • 101-21-magnetic-base Magnetic Base
  • 101-xa06-extension-fixture-49mm Extension Fixture, 49mm
  • 101-xa09-extension-fixture-94mm Extension Fixture, 94mm
  • 101-xa10-extension-fixture-75mm-arm-only Extension Fixture, 75mm, Arm Only
  • 130-xa01-go-xa-thin-magnetic-bracket-pair VibrAlign Thin Magnetic Bracket, pair
  • 130-xa01-fl-fixturlaser-thin-mag-bracket-with-non-skid-pair Fixturlaser Thin Mag Bracket w/non-skid pad, pair
  • 130-xa02-thin-chain-fixture-each (each) Thin Chain Fixture
  • 101-nxa07-ac-adapter AC Adapter
  • 101-nxa07-1-usb-power-supply USB Power Supply
  • 130-xa20-ol2r-xa-expansion-kit-ol2r-brackets OL2RXA Expansion Kit (OL2R Brackets)
  • software NXA OL2R Software
  • 130-xa04-offset-fixture OffsetXA Expansion Kit (Cardan/Offset Fixture)
  • software NXA Offset (Cardan) Software

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