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How to Reorder Points in the NEST

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By on December 9, 2019

Setting up routes is a very easy process in the ONEPROD NEST software and allows you to move machines into any order to allow for expeditious data collection. However, sometimes points need to be rearranged within the machine. Take the gearbox below for example. 

Due to its size you don’t want to have to walk back and forth for readings on each side of the shaft. It would be easier to reorder the machines to allow you to gather all the drive side readings first and then move over to the driven side. This idea is also commonly applied to conveyors and paper machines where following the typical flow of data collection would be cumbersome. 

Below is a video of reordering points on a large gearbox to allow for quicker and convenient data collection.




The steps are as follows. Connect the Falcon to the PC/NEST just as you would when loading your routes and go into the collect module in the NEST. Once in the collect module, find the route of interest and check it. When the route is selected, “Reorder Points” will become active. Simply click on the words “Reorder Points” and a window will pop up with all the points in the route listed. You can Ctrl and select multiple points or one point at a time and drag and drop to where needed in the list. When complete click “Apply” to save the changes. 


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