How It Works

  • Select Template
  • Confirm Settings
  • Take Readings
  • Review Diagnosis
  • Create Report
  • Select the correct machine template

    From the set of templates in the SMC the user picks to one that represents the machine to be diagnosed.

  • Confirm the actual RPM, horsepower and type of mounting of the machine

    Use the stroboscope built into the SMC to nail an accurate RPM.

  • Take readings with the triaxial sensor

    Using the measurement points designated by machine template, take the vibration readings.

  • Review the automatic diagnosis

    The onscreen diagnosis reveals any machine faults detected, along with their severity and a confidence level. Any recommended remedial actions are also displayed. Color coding indicates the overall condition as Good (green), Fair (yellow) or Critical (red).

  • Create a report on the findings

    Using the reporting function, create an MS Word report. You can even enhance the report with photos taken by the built-in camera.

What is Accurex?


Diagnose Your Machines

The Smart Machine Checker diagnoses any combination of the following faults. Rollover at fault to see the corresponding diagnostic screen.

  • UnbalanceUnbalance
  • MisalignmentMisalignment
  • Bearing Defects – Wear, LubricationBearing Defects – Wear, Lubrication
  • Shock / Modulation (Mounting, Clearance, Friction)Shock / Modulation (Mounting, Clearance, Friction)
  • Structural ResonanceStructural Resonance
  • Gear WearGear Wear
  • Shock / Modulation (Gear)Shock / Modulation (Gear)
  • Pump CavitationPump Cavitation

Accurex vs. The Experts


In a test of the Accurex auto diagnostic software, 206 machines at a Kimberly Clark paper mill were evaluated. The machines were checked by Accurex and by a certified vibration analysis expert.

The vib expert rated four of the machines as Critical. Accurex also diagnosed these four as Critical, along with three more machines that the expert had found to be Fair. None of the 104 machines that Accurex found to be Good had a defect.

  • What Accurex Found
  • What Expert Found
What Accurex Found ChartWhat Expert Found Chart