About The Hawk

Accurex Automatic Diagnosis + -

The powerful, accurate Automatic Diagnosis feature is designed to give mechanics instant, on-demand feedback about the health of their rotating assets. It will identify machine defects, provide advice on how to fix the problem, and generate a detailed report on the health of the machine, requiring neither vibration expertise nor certification. Faults detected: unbalance, misalignment, bearing issues, resonance, gear defects, pump cavitation & shocks.

NEST + -

The NEST is the software platform that brings the data from each ONEPROD tool, in this case the HAWK, together into one database. With the NEST, users can view plan routes, view measurement data remotely, customize online data collection frequency, create and share reports, and much more.

Triaxial Sensor + -

The Triaxial sensor will take readings in the vertical, horizontal, and axial directions simultaneously, making the measurement process fast and easy.

Stroboscope + -

The Stroboscope makes it easy to pinpoint the RPM, which is crucial for securing an accurate diagnosis.

Camera + -

The camera helps to identify machines and their condition, as well as document sensor placement.

Pyrometer + -

The Pyrometer makes it easy to take the temperature of your machine to verify your diagnosis.

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