HAWK Pump Challenge

Welcome to the HAWK Pump Challenge.

The HAWK diagnostic results include machine status: Excellent, Good, Fair or Critical. If the condition is not Excellent the HAWK generates an automatic diagnosis of the problem along with actionable recommendations.

oneprod-hawk-plineSound too good to be true? That’s what the HAWK Challenge is all about. We want your feedback on the HAWK, and we’re offering to do a free analysis to get it. In just 30 minutes we can:

  • Show you how simple the HAWK is to operate;
  • Collect data in just minutes;
  • Share the diagnosis of your machine.

We’ll follow-up our visit with a written report that has even been reviewed by a Level III certified vibration analyst. Just for sharing your opinion of the HAWK, we’ll deliver a service for which companies typically pay $200 per hour. You may even discover a bad bearing, like one of our first Challengers. He saved thousands in avoided secondary damages.

Take The HAWK Challenge

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