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Are Your CNC Machines Operating at High Efficiency?

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By on August 2, 2019

Are you having trouble holding tolerances on your precision machined customer parts? There can be many causes for this, but one reason could be that your machine may not be in alignment.

How often do you verify that you turning center or multi-axis milling machine is within factory standards? A number of variables can cause the machine’s axis to move out of OEM specifications. These variables can include factors such as tool wrecks or changes in the level of the machine over time.

For most organizations, measuring geometric machine alignment or machine leveling is a time-consuming process, especially when machine shop employees are using conventional measuring tools such as ground bars, indicators, granite blocks, and machinist levels.

Conventional methods work and, if used correctly, will provide accurate results, but they do take a significant amount of time and do not contribute to the overall efficiency of your facility. Today, plants are feeling the pressure to increase efficiency more than ever, so any task that requires a lengthy process can become a burden during the workday.

The good news is that there are better, more efficient solutions available. Are you familiar with modern measuring tools that utilize lasers for aligning your CNC machines? With these tools you can check level, spindle alignment, spindle coaxially, squareness, and spindle parallelism in your lathes or mills by simply using a single tool like our MEAX MT30 measuring system. These systems allow you to record baseline data for future reference or provide the data to make alignment corrections.

Our MEAX line of tools provides fast, accurate, and straightforward machine measurements. These instruments are easy to use by your in-house staff and can help you quickly diagnose a misalignment problem so that corrections can be initiated.

This means less downtime, which of course means more money saved for your machine shop. 

Here are some other things you should remember to ensure your CNC machines achieve the highest level of efficiency and the least amount of downtime:

  • Remember that everything is measurable–put in the necessary effort to get accurate results.
  • Know what tools work best for you on which machines–be consistent.
  • Be familiar with the difference between offset and angular misalignment and know how to correct each.
  • Look into multipurpose machine tools if you want an all-in-one measurement system. 

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