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Adding Machines to an Existing Route in Your Nest Software.

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By on February 28, 2019

Sometimes machines need to be added to a route that is already established. This is quite easy to do in the Nest. After you have collected all the pertinent information including machine name, RPM and horsepower (at a minimum) go into your Nest home screen and select “set up machine”.

Once into machine set up choose “manage” and build your machine as you normally would being sure to add it to the location it belongs in. After you have your machine built the way you want it, you’ll need to go into the “setup route” portion of the nest and click on “modify”.

After clicking modify you’ll see a list that includes the machine you built. Watch the short video below on step by step process. Once complete, select “Save” and you are finished with adding your machine. To double check you can look at the list.

You have now added this new machine to your already configured route. Be sure when loading this new route to select overwrite when sending the new Route to your Falcon.

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