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Fixturlaser Laser Kit Tips

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By on April 16, 2020

During several recent technical support calls, regarding the Fixturlaser Laser Kit, the clients asked the same questions about the LEDs on the sensors and several warnings that pop-up on the display. Others may have the same questions, so I thought it worthwhile to discuss here.

S & M Sensor LEDs:

The amber LEDs illuminate when the sensors are plugged in and charging. When a full charge is reached, they simply turn off.


The blue LEDs indicate the status of the Bluetooth connection. When flashing they are searching, when illuminated solid they are connected to your phone or tablet.


Also, the small LED by the laser aperture, on each sensor, flashes green each time the laser beam fires/flashes.

Pop-up Warnings on the Display:

This warning pops up when the S & M Sensor batteries get low. If you forget to charge the sensors before an alignment you can use them with the charger plugged in.

After mounting the sensors turn them on before launching the Laser Kit App on your phone or tablet.

The app will automatically search for the sensors as indicated by the swirling blue circle around the Bluetooth symbol, outlined in red below. Of course, before launching the app make sure Bluetooth in enabled on your device running the Laser Kit App.


Once the sensors connect to your device the S & M sensor serial numbers will appear in the field outlined in green below in the Settings (Tools) Screen.

Should the sensors not pair to your device this warning will alert you.

Typically, Laser Kit Bluetooth connection issues can be attributed to not closing the Laser Kit App completely after each alignment. Not just minimizing the app. Closing the Laser Kit app will vary depending upon your phone or tablet.

If you have additional questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.


Also check out the Laser Kit Video:

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