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Get out of Trouble Before You Get into Trouble!

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By on September 30, 2016

It really doesn’t matter the industry; industrial maintenance technicians suffer the same frustrations when performing a precision shaft alignment. Our team of trainer’s travel all over the country conducting training classes for paper mills, steel mills, chemical plants, gas and oil, etc. What we hear is universal across all industry. “I can’t get repeatable results, every time I tightened the bolts my numbers change, I get bolt bound and have to drill the holes out in the motor feet. The laser tells me to put shims in, then take them out.”

These are not the only sources of alignment frustration and I will not address them all in this article, as they have been addressed in previous blogs. However, I am attaching links to some awesome training videos and webinars produced by VibrAlign that will help you get out of trouble before you get into trouble. This should help out until you have the opportunity to get VibrAlign’s Shaft Alignment Best Practices and Equipment Orientation training.


Pre-Alignment Steps


The Importance of Roughing In


Solving Soft Foot


Controlling Backlash

And of course you can always call VibrAlign, it will be our pleasure to help anyway we can.

Last but not least, get the training!!!

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Mac was a Journeyman Millwright at a Kimberly-Clark paper mill in Washington State before moving into a Maintenance Team Leader position. Later, he moved to Kentucky where he went to work for Wausau Paper as Maintenance Team Leader on a new mill start-up. This is where Mac was first introduced to VibrAlign. “I was so impressed with the people, passion, and products of VibrAlign. I had always hoped to one day give back some of the knowledge I have been fortunate enough to gain from others in my field. VibrAlign has given me that opportunity.”

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