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So You Got Your New HAWK! Let’s Set it Up.

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By on February 15, 2017

So you received your new OneProd HAWK Supervisor or HAWK Supervisor with Balancing.  There are some steps to follow to insure your instrument is configured correctly.

Nest Set-up:  You will need to make sure you are using only Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (or higher) for the first connection and you will need to download MS Silverlight.  The newer MS Edge will not work.

If you are using MS Edge, you will be required to switch your browser to Internet Explorer.

Open your browser and look in the top right corner of the screen for these three dots.

Open the dropdown menu and select “Open with Internet Explorer”.  This will allow you to download MS Silverlight and install the “Nest” software.

Download and install “Silverlight”.  Follow the link below and you will be automatically prompted to install MS Silverlight.

Logging on to the Nest: Follow the steps on the OneProd Cloud / Account credentials inside the HAWK case.


                       Configuring your OneProd HAWK

There are a few settings on the Hawk instrument to configure before the first use.  From the main screen of the instrument.

Make sure all of the shown parameters are set exactly like you see here in these two pictures.  These will configure your machine to operate and function properly for your use.

Install the screen protector.




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During his technical instruction career, James was introduced to VibrAlign and many of the products. He was impressed by the company philosophy and values and decided to pursue a career as a technical instructor with us.

James and his family live in Vancouver, Washington. He enjoys the outdoors, family time and building cars.

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