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How Can We Help You-Let Us Count the Ways!

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By on June 10, 2020

While hands-on training is best, sometimes technical support requires more. A recent blog lists all the different ways you can reach out to us

A few weeks ago, a wind technician was attempting a precision shaft alignment in a GE 2.x wind turbine using a Fixturlaser GO Basic GE Wind. He was familiar with other laser-based alignment systems, however he had never used a Fixturlaser Alignment System or had training on them.

He was struggling some with the generator alignment and reached out to me for support.  I had him text me some photos of how the sensors were mounted. One sensor was incorrectly installed. I texted him a photo of how our GE Wind fixtures should be mounted which he corrected.

We spent 45 minutes on the phone stepping through performing a generator alignment using the VibrAlign Verti-Zontal Process. All told with 6 different phone calls and texts over 90 minutes he did an outstanding job and completed the generator alignment in one Verti-Zontal correction and well within GE Wind’s alignment tolerances!

The following day he called during another generator alignment with just a few questions. Once again completing the generator alignment with one Verti-Zontal correction.

He performed another on his own the next day, completing the alignment with one Verti-Zontal correction.

He followed up with me the next week, and sent photos of two more generator alignments, both completed in one move and well within GE Wind’s tolerances.

So why am I writing about this? To let our readers, know when we say we are here to support you, we really do mean it! It’s been that way since we started in 1983.

Training, text, phone, email, Face Time – the ACOEM VibrAlign trainers are here to assist you to get the most out our tools which in turn helps you maintain your plant’s equipment, so you get the most uptime from your facilities equipment.



About the Author

Brad Case has been associated with VibrAlign since 1990, first as a manufacturer’s representative, than joining the company as a direct employee in 2005. He has over 35 years experience in aligning industrial machinery. Brad attended Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, TX.

Brad began his career in the automotive industry providing technical training, sales, and service for Murray Goldseal an aftermarket air conditioning component manufacturer. His background includes 25 plus years experience in sales, service and training, of Centralized Lubrication Systems, Couplings, Gearing, and Gear Reducers.

Brad and his wife currently live in Clifton, TX.

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