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The NXA Extended Alignment Function – What is it? When to use it.

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By on January 25, 2017

When training clients to use VibrAlign’s Verti-Zontal Alignment Process we show taking the 3rd measurement at a horizontal position, typically at 3 o’clock. This is simply for expediency and is NOT a requirement as Fixturlaser Shaft Alignment Systems can take measurements at any position due to the inclinometers in M & S sensors.

If possible we want to have the sensors in a horizontal plane when the live screen is activated so the sensors are in position to monitor the horizontal correction. For rotating machines with large mass or that are difficult to position precisely, this may be time consuming and/or not possible. Other shaft alignment applications may have obstructions at both the 3 & 9 o’clock positions.


Should this occur the NXA will advise the alignment tech when the sensor position is not ideal to monitor the horizontal correction with this screen.

For these situations the Extended Alignment Function or Utility should be turned on. Extended Alignment allows the horizontal position to be monitored as long as the sensors are within +/- 45o of the 3/9 o’clock positions. (Also +/- 45o of the 12/6 o’clock positions when making live vertical adjustments on machines mounted on adjustable chocks.) When using Extended Alignment, diagonal red stripes will be displayed on the coupling and foot value fields.

To turn on the Extended Alignment Function, touch the Tools icon then the Extended Alignment icon.


Touch the Extended Alignment icon to turn on the function, then touch the check mark icon(s) to exit back to the alignment.


Complete the alignment as normal with the Verti-Zontal Process.

The Extended Alignment Function will remain on until the user turns it off.

Note: In the USA market Extended Alignment is now included as a standard feature of the Fixturlaser NXA Pro and Ultimate. To activate this function in older NXAs contact your local VibrAlign Sales Representative or the main office.

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Brad Case has been associated with VibrAlign since 1990, first as a manufacturer’s representative, than joining the company as a direct employee in 2005. He has over 35 years experience in aligning industrial machinery. Brad attended Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, TX.

Brad began his career in the automotive industry providing technical training, sales, and service for Murray Goldseal an aftermarket air conditioning component manufacturer. His background includes 25 plus years experience in sales, service and training, of Centralized Lubrication Systems, Couplings, Gearing, and Gear Reducers.

Brad and his wife currently live in Clifton, TX.

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