About Us

In life, there are no shortcuts. When it comes to alignment, every piece of the process must be perfect. At VibrAlign, precision is our passion. Since 1983, we have been a leading supplier of alignment equipment and innovators in alignment processes. We develop alignment courses and deliver professional alignment training.

As the USA’s exclusive distributor for Fixturlaser®, we bring world-class shaft alignment products to a broad variety of companies across the country. Fixturlaser’s products include the market’s first touch screen shaft alignment tool with 3D animation for faster and easier alignments. Pairing our alignment expertise with Fixturlaser’s world-class technology, we are truly the people to ask about machinery alignment.

In 2015 VibrAlign was acquired by the ACOEM Group. ACOEM, which is headquartered in Lyon, France, is a leading producer of condition monitoring tools in Europe and other parts of the world, marketed under the ONEPROD brand name.

More recently VibrAlign introduced the ONEPROD line of condition monitoring tools to the United States. The launch of the ONEPROD line of tools represents VibrAlign’s and ACOEM’s unyielding commitment to the service and support of American industry.

If your industry is powered by people and running on machines, we can help you keep those machines operating. Our application knowledge is unrivaled. Our training approach is complete and effective. Our calibrations are accurate and quick. We stand ready to do right even in tough situations. We partner with people at every level of an organization: designing strategies with top executives, implementing process improvements with engineers, and making field alignments with mechanics. We are about improving your production efficiency and reducing human toil.