Realigning America requires up-to-date knowledge and training in how to perform precision alignments.

In industry after industry, critical machines in the production process require precise alignment to perform to specs. If machine misalignment occurs, valuable production time can be lost. Nearly 50% of all breakdowns in rotating machines occur due to machine misalignment. During these breakdowns, 100% of production is lost. So an investment in machine alignment – whether in better tools, better practices or better knowledge – can be justified in uptime increases, and make payback time short.

If you’re working to Realign America VibrAlign wants to help. We’re committed to providing tools, methods and training that can help workers in industry perform more accurate and more efficient shaft and belt alignments.

In addition to the set of articles presented here, we recommend you visit two other resources that we have created to provide information and help to those performing precision alignments:

Finally, we invite you to join our campaign to Realign America. It doesn’t matter whose tools you use, as long as you’re performing precision alignments you can be proud of your work. VibrAlign salutes your contribution to restoring American manufacturing.