Runout Probe

The Fixturlaser Runout Probe, an accessory for the Fixturlaser NXA Pro and Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate, is an electronic tool designed to detect and measure shaft runout and pipe strain. Runout and pipe strain are often overlooked, but when present they can confound the measurement and correction of shaft alignment. The Fixturlaser Runout Probe represents a unique application of a linear variable displacement transducer (LVDT) sensor to provide an easy-to-use but highly accurate measure of runout and pipe strain. That makes the Fixturlaser Runout Probe the perfect accessory for the Fixturlaser NXA, the most powerful, full featured shaft alignment tool available.

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What’s Included in the Case

The Fixturlaser Runout Probe comes in its own case, complete with:

  • The LVDT probe
  • A Bluetooth connector
  • A Rechargeable battery pack
  • A 3-joint articulated arm which attaches to a magnetic base (base not included)

The software comes pre-installed on the Fixturlaser NXA Pro and Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate (firmware version 4.0.0 – requires activation).

Run Out

The Problem
Runout of rotating equipment is defined as the amount to which the coupling or the shaft deviates from true circular rotation. The deviation is caused by either a bent shaft or by an incorrectly drilled coupling that rotates eccentrically.

The Solution
First determine if the runout is being caused by a bent shaft or a coupling problem, or both. The shaft and/or the coupling may need to be replaced.

Pipe Strain

The Problem
Pipe strain is caused by the misfit of the connection between the pump flange and the piping.

The Solution
The Probe can be mounted to read either the pipe flange, or the piping, or the effects of the pipe strain at the coupling. Adjustments can then be made to reduce the strain.