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Got Alignment Problems? Just Let Us Know!

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By on June 13, 2013

VibrAlign’s Shaft Alignment Training is the best in the industry.  We not only train maintenance personnel on how to use our tools – we teach alignment!  Lots of it!  We teach correcting soft foot, bolt bound problems, pipe strain, coupling problems – real world stuff.

Our training staff has about one hundred combined years of alignment experience, and we would be honored to share our expertise with you.

  Need a training class or refresher?  Can do.

  Still using dials – we know those too!

  We even know how to use many of our competitor’s tools.

Maybe you can’t get a training class held at your facility.  Then come to ours!  We teach training classes regularly at VibrAlign’s headquarters in Richmond, VA.

Perhaps you just have an alignment question.  You’re in luck.  We can answer those too.  Call or Email us. Post it to the Realigning America web site.  Respond to this blog.  Just get in touch with us. It’s FREE!

You may think your problem is unique.  It probably isn’t.  We’ve completed successful alignments all across the US, on all types of equipment, from wind turbines, to giant generators, to 30 foot cooling towers, to one motor turning 18 other machines.  But if yours is unique, we’d sure love to get our hands on it.  Nothing challenges us more than to hear, “It can’t be aligned!” 

But nothing pleases us more than to hear “you guys really helped us do our alignments better!”.

We can help – so let us know.

About the Author

Stan Riddle joined VibrAlign in 2008. He has over 35 years experience in aligning industrial machinery. Stan received his AAS Degree in Machinist Technology from Surry Community College in Dobson, NC, and also holds a diploma in Industrial Systems Technology from Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem, NC, where he was also an instructor in the program.

Stan began his maintenance career working as a machinist and millwright for companies such as Weyerhaeuser, R.J. Reynolds, and Tyco Electronics. He also has over 25 years experience in Predictive Technologies, such as vibration analysis, thermography, oil analysis, and ultrasonic inspection. He is a certified Level III Vibration Analyst with the Vibration Institute, and is a Past Chairman and Board Member of the Piedmont Chapter.

Stan and his wife live in Yadkinville, NC.

One response to “Got Alignment Problems? Just Let Us Know!”

  1. hatemkassem says:

    2 days back we go for aligment to motor 800 hp at 1800 rpm at steel mill using fixture laser go pro
    first we go to check soft foot , we found that motor feet 0.08,0.1,0.15 and 0.05 mm so we start shimming motor feet to make soft foot below 0.05 mm but after shimming all feets found again 0.05, 0.07 , 0.1 and 0.1 then again shimming but still reading getting over 0.1 in mor than one feet. so we go direct for aligment without soft foot corection after tightning with X pattern , we found the aligment became good without any shimming !!!!!!!!!!