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Dial Indicator Alignments Have Never Been Easier!

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By on May 30, 2014

Here’s the formula for better dial indicator alignments:

Fixurlaser Dials App + Fixturlaser Dial Indicator Kit + Instructional Video

Earlier this year we introduced the Free Fixturlaser Dials App. The app was designed to walk the user through the reverse rim alignment process using dial indicators. We are also now offering a new Dial Indicator Kit and a Free Dials Instructional Video. Put them all together and it adds up to one sweet shaft alignment solution.

Fixturlaser Dials Kit

Find out more on the The Fixturlaser Dials App and Kit.

About the Author

Brad Case has been associated with VibrAlign since 1990, first as a manufacturer’s representative, than joining the company as a direct employee in 2005. He has over 35 years experience in aligning industrial machinery. Brad attended Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, TX.

Brad began his career in the automotive industry providing technical training, sales, and service for Murray Goldseal an aftermarket air conditioning component manufacturer. His background includes 25 plus years experience in sales, service and training, of Centralized Lubrication Systems, Couplings, Gearing, and Gear Reducers.

Brad and his wife currently live in Clifton, TX.

4 responses to “Dial Indicator Alignments Have Never Been Easier!”

  1. hossein says:

    can dial kit be used without coupling?
    there are many situations that install and remove a coupling takes a lot of time.
    we have recently bought this but it was never used because of this and we only use this for checking alignment and not when we are going to align after repair.
    is this any way to use this structure for a reverse method when coupling is not installed?
    i appreciate for your answer.

  2. Brad Case says:

    Yes it can. Simply rotate to two shafts together to keep the dial indicator plungers on the landing pads of the brackets. If its very difficult to rotate the shaft together; at the first measurement point (9 o’clock) mark a spot on the landing pads where the dial indicator plungers contact the pad, then at the second and third measurement points line the plungers back with the mark.


    Formula for shim calculation for shaft alignment &coupling alignment.

  4. Brad Case says:

    Whereas: S = Stationary Indicator TIR/2, M = Movable Indicator TIR/2, A = distance between S & M, B = distance from M to front foot, C = distance from front foot to rear foot.

    Front feet POSITION calculation: (M – S) divided by A times (B) plus M
    Rear feet POSITION calculation” (M – S) divided by A times (B plus C) plus M

    Positive values mean the feet are high, shims must be removed.
    Negative values mean the feet are low, shims must be added.