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Pre-Alignment & Why it is Important

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By on November 19, 2010

Pre-Alignment and why it’s important

Hey folks, check out this great powerpoint from our trainer Stand Riddle on Pre-Alignment and why its so important.  Feel free to post questions or comments in the comments section and Stan and our other trainers will answer your questions.  Enjoy the powerpoint.

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  3. Hamidreza says:

    Gear coupling is coupling though it is natural.
    All teeth of an outside gear and inside gear engage because it is a coupling.
    And, there is no rotation between the outside gear and the inside gear. My question is what is the purpose of grease in gear coupling? Why we need grease as we know there is no rotation?

  4. Bob Matthews says:

    The coupling teeth are engaged and there is no tooth to tooth driving as in a gear drive. The coupling gear to gear mialignment (even at 0.002″) and thermal changes create small movements in each revolution and without a good coupling grease the metal parts will wear out quickly from the rubbing. A lot more can be said, but be sure to use only coupling grease not utility grease and all will be ok.

  5. Hamidreza says:

    Thank you for your feedback.What are some differences between bearing grease and gear coupling grease?
    What would happen if we use utility grease for gear coupling?

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