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Sof Shoe® Shims

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By on June 5, 2013

Soft foot is undoubtedly the number one challenge faced on an everyday basis in precision shaft alignment.  The concept is simple enough; make sure the machine feet rest flat on the base. Unfortunately, it is not always so simple to solve.

Before sitting down to write this, I noted there are 17 articles posted on that in some way relate to soft foot.

In a recent poll asking clients “what is the one alignment challenge or issue you would most like to learn more about”; about 20% of respondents answered “soft foot”.  Specifically, angled soft foot solutions are commonly the most challenging. 

We would like to invite you to view this video to see how Sof Shoe® Shims from our partners at Precision Brand Shims offers a solution to an issue so prevalent in industrial machinery.

I would also like to invite our readers to share success stories using this, or other effective solutions to angled soft foot with us here in  Just use the Contact form to let us know you’re interested in posting your story.

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  1. pradip savaliya says:

    I like your products so give me products catalogue and more technical data.

  2. Mads Trudslev says:

    Can you guide me to a European dealer of the sof shoe shims?

  3. Brad Case says:

    Mads you can contact Sof Shoe Shims customer service at the email address below, regarding a European dealer.