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The 5 Most Useful Shaft Alignment Apps–Download Today!

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By on September 12, 2018


Technology has made so many of our jobs easier, and this certainly includes the maintenance industry. One aspect of technology you should be taking advantage of if you are a maintenance foreman, team member, or technician is the many smartphone apps that exist to make your job easier and your plant more efficient. Below are some apps from VibrAlign that were created to help you in your work. Download them today and let us know which are most useful to you!


  • Therm Align
    • The Therm Align App helps those performing shaft alignments calculate the value of compensations for thermal growth of rotating equipment. Therm Align will calculate the thermal offsets needed to compensate for this thermal movement. Movement of both the stationary and movable components is considered to determine the proper compensating “target values” needed on the movable piece of equipment.
  • Align Terms
    • The VibrAlign Align Terms App includes a glossary of over 90 terms plus in-depth pre-alignment procedures and instructional and informational videos. This content will be of great benefit to anyone in the shaft alignment field no matter what alignment tool they use.
  • Laser-Dials
    • The VibrAlign Laser-Dials App converts rotating shaft alignment data between dial indicator readings and laser shaft alignment system angles and offsets. VibrAlign recognized a need to make it easier to evaluate laser shaft alignment results achieved through traditional analog methods like dial indicators, which are often expressed in different terms than the newer digital solutions like laser alignment systems. The Laser-Dials App allows technicians to easily see their alignment results in the measurement terms they’re most comfortable using.
  • Align Hot Check
    • The Align Hot Check App calculates the difference between hot versus cold alignment values input by the user. The difference is expressed as angularity and offset values. This makes it easy to calculate the amount of offset and angularity needed for precision alignment after the machine reaches its operating temperature. This allows machinery alignment professionals to input thermal growth targets with ease and confidence.
  • Fixturlaser Dials
    • The Fixturlaser Dials App performs all dial indicator shaft alignment calculations as it guides the user through the reverse rim alignment process with its stunning 3D graphical interface. Explicit on-screen instructions, as well as on-screen warnings, help the user avoid common dial indicator alignment pitfalls. Built around the Verti-Zontal alignment process, Fixturlaser Dials will help you to get the job done quickly, correctly, and with greater confidence.

These apps are all free and can be downloaded either from the Apple Store or from Google Play.


To watch a video tutorial of the Fixturlaser Dials app, see below.


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2 responses to “The 5 Most Useful Shaft Alignment Apps–Download Today!”

  1. hossein says:

    can dial kit be used without coupling?
    there are many situations that install and remove a coupling takes a lot of time.
    we have recently bought this but it was never used because of this and we only use this for checking alignment and not when we are going to align after repair.
    is this any way to use this structure for a reverse method when coupling is not installed?
    i appreciate for your answer.

  2. Brad Case says:

    Yes it can. Simply rotate to two shafts together to keep the dial indicator plungers on the landing pads of the brackets. If its very difficult to rotate the shaft together; at the first measurement point (9 o’clock) mark a spot on the landing pads where the dial indicator plungers contact the pad, then at the second and third measurement points line the plungers back with the mark.

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