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VIDEO: Concepts of Shaft Alignment – Measuring Runout

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By on August 28, 2014

The 4th video in VibrAlign’s Concepts of Shaft Alignment video series is entitled  “Runout”. The video describes what runout is and depicts how to properly measure for runout to determine if coupling eccentricity and/or a bent shaft is the source of the runout.

The video series was based on ideas for visualizing alignment created by David Zdrojewski, CEO of VibrAlign.  According to Zdrojewski, “Our research shows us that just about half of all millwrights and mechanics performing shaft alignment have never had any training.  Although VibrAlign has a staff of expert trainers who are on the road almost every week to train shaft alignment, we understand we still can’t reach all the people who need training.  That’s why we have undertaken to create a video series on the concepts of alignment.”



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2 responses to “VIDEO: Concepts of Shaft Alignment – Measuring Runout”

  1. Ryan Harp says:

    Great videos on YouTube! We are a Wind Tech training school that would love be able to direct our students to that channel for an additional learning resource. Who can I inquire to?

    Ryan Harp

  2. Brad Case says:

    Ryan, Thanks for your comments about our videos. No need to contact anyone, either direct your students to the “Vibralign Channel” on Youtube or you can access them directly from our website at: