Alignment Masterclass Training Course

Alignment Masterclass Training Course

The purpose of our training is to create alignment experts who will have the knowledge, skillset, and confidence to teach others. This is particularly true for our Alignment Masterclass course. In this course, our expert trainers and alignment specialists will not only ensure that students know the best practices of shaft alignment, they will equip students with the knowledge and hands-on training necessary to be able to train other employees at their workplace.


*Note: It is required that VibrAlign’s Shaft Alignment Best Practices course is completed prior to the Train the Trainer course.


Cost: $2,495 for up to 4 students at VibrAlign’s Richmond, VA training facility


For more information on any of our courses, contact Sonya Cheatham at 804-419-8837 or fill out our training inquiry form.

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Train the Trainer Alignment Training is offered at VibrAlign’s training center in Richmond, Virginia. The 2-day course is normally preceded by the student’s completion of our 2-day Shaft Alignment Best Practices course. The two classes are scheduled back-to-back so that students can complete both classes in the same week.


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