Shaft Alignment Best Practices Training

Shaft Alignment Best Practices Training

Training is an effective way to empower your employees and renew their enthusiasm for their work. It’s also a great way to increase the efficiency of your workplace and achieve greater success for your business. Our Shaft Alignment Best Practices course is a tool-specific one-and-a-half-day session taught by one of our expert trainers who also has years of alignment experience himself. This course provides students the opportunity to:


  • absorb essential information
  • ask questions and get answers
  • perform alignments themselves—the entire half day is dedicated to hands-on training


VibrAlign provides three alignment demonstrator units on which students will practice alignment techniques. Students who complete this course will receive not only valuable information and practice in correct alignment procedures—they will feel more confident and competent to perform the daily functions of their job.


Cost: $995.00 per student at VibrAlign’s Richmond, VA training facility or $6,400 onsite at your facility (9 student maximum)


*Also available as a 1-day refresher course ($4,000 onsite at your facility)


For more information on Shaft Alignment Best Practices or any of our classes, contact Sonya Cheatham at 804-419-8837 or fill out our training inquiry form.

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Shaft Alignment Best Practices Training:

  • Class Length: 1.5 days
  • Number of Students: 9 Maximum
  • Up to 3 alignment demonstrators
  • All lasers, demonstrators, and manuals provided


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