XA Pro (Used)

XA Pro (Used)

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Fixturlaser XA Ultimate – The Ultimate Measurement Instrument

Alignment + Geometric Measurements = The Perfect Fit

The alignment and geometric applications programs that are included in the Fixturlaser XA Ultimate, compliment each other. Having a properly aligned machine starts already at the time of its installation, e.g. with checking that the machine foundation is flat before the machine is installed upon it.

90 day warranty, fully calibrated

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  • Additional information

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
  • Offers Shaft Alignment + Straightness, Circular Flatness, Rectangular Flatness & Bore Measurements
  • 3D colour animation for fast results
  • Automatic registration of measurement points – Express Mode
  • Express alignment check
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Touchscreen with icons means no confusing terminology
  • Small, thin measurement units with large measurement areas
  • Quick and simple mounting
  • Robust and practical design
  • Connectability for rapid data transfer and documentation
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