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Setting up OL2R (Offline To Running) and Offset (Cardan) Brackets

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By on October 29, 2014

OL2R Measurements (Offline To Running) are used to collect very accurate (and actual) Thermal Growth Values and Targets for critical rotating machinery. Offset Measurements (Cardan Shaft) are critical for offset drives to ensure there is no angular misalignment causing lead/lag issues with the drive shafts resulting in production related quality problems. Both the OL2R and […]

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Understanding the Need for Offset Shaft Alignment

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By on January 22, 2014

While at facilities across the country I noticed a lack of understanding regarding the need for precision alignment of offset shaft driven rotating equipment. I myself have seen electricians and mechanics alike becoming frustrated trying to determine the cause of speed fluctuations and vibration in offset shaft driven equipment. Typical response is that the cause […]

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