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Compressors, Drivers and Alignment Considerations

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By on January 9, 2020

The two main types of compressors are dynamic and positive displacement. The positive displacement compressor is probably the one you’re most familiar with.  It traps gas in a volume and then decreases that volume.  The decrease in volume causes a rise in pressure. A dynamic compressor uses a rotating element (usually called an impeller) which […]

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Compressor Rod Runout with the NXA Runout Probe

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By on September 27, 2018

The Fixturlaser NXA Runout Probe was introduced last year as an accessory to the Fixturlaser NXA Pro and Ultimate alignment tools.  As originally envisioned, the runout probe was designed with shaft and coupling runout measurements, and direct soft foot measurements in mind. The Runout Probe provides a digital linear displacement measurement, much like a dial […]

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Fresh Perspective

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By on July 26, 2017

We all have run into situations where things just aren’t working out the way we think they should. Kind of like not seeing the forest for the tree’s. Part of our profession as trainers at VibrAlign is fielding support calls when a client has questions or has reached the point of frustration where they just […]

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Organizing Your Shaft Alignment Job

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By on October 7, 2012

One of the great things about being out and about with other shaft alignment professionals is seeing how they get work done. Two recent shaft alignment training classes had some great examples of how to stay organized. During an alignment on a gas compressor a few weeks ago, these guys had to manage shims at […]

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Troubleshooting A Compressor Alignment

By on November 29, 2011

We’re going to try something different this week. We see some interesting stuff out there. We want you folks to troubleshoot this one. The OJT portion of a recent alignment training class involved checking the shaft alignment on an engine-driven reciprocating gas compressor. One of the great things about this part of the class is […]

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