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By on March 24, 2020

  In power transmission, a coupling is a device used to connect a driving machine, such as a motor, engine, or turbine, to a driven machine, such as a fan, pump, compressor, or other machine. There are numerous styles of couplings, each with specific design characteristics, that make them suitable for their respective applications. All […]

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What’s the Point of Precision Shaft Alignment When We Use Flexible Couplings?

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By on July 21, 2016

This is a common misconception in some industries surrounding flexible couplings. Some maintenance and production individuals believe that flexible couplings are designed to allow for a few degrees of misalignment.  This is not quite the case.  While flexible couplings do tolerate some amount of misalignment, this is not their intended purpose.  The greater the misalignment, […]

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Coupling Alignment Tolerances vs. Shaft Alignment Tolerances

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By on October 8, 2014

A coupling alignment tolerance and a shaft alignment tolerance are different things – VERY different things! A Coupling Alignment Tolerance is often (but not always) the maximum amount of misalignment the coupling will operate at before premature failure. A Shaft Alignment Tolerance is the maximum amount of misalignment the shafts can tolerate before they begin […]

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