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Generating an Alignment Report with the Fixturlaser NXA

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By on May 23, 2018

When a machine is checked, and found to be out of alignment, the “as found” alignment data can be saved.  Soft foot checks and corrections can also be saved. Continue with the alignment, and when in tolerance save the “as left” alignment. Exit to the Main Menu of the NXA, then press the File Cabinet […]

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Correcting for base bound or bolt bound conditions.

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By on June 12, 2017

A question often asked during our training classes is how to deal with base bound and/or bolt bound conditions when performing a precision shaft alignment on rotating machinery. Base bound is the vertical condition that occurs when the moveable machine needs to be lowered but is “bound” by the base due to an insufficient number […]

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Geometric Flatness “Buck In” Procedure

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By on September 29, 2015

Sometimes simple procedures can become huge pain points, especially when the necessary knowledge is not known or available. This has proven to be true with the geometric flatness “buck in” procedure involving a sweep laser transmitter and receiver (detector). First, let me begin by defining “buck in”, this phrase is utilized to describe the process […]

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Flatness for Shaft Alignment-Revisited

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By on March 25, 2015

A reader of our blog posted a comment stating that he could not cut a step shim to correct for angular soft foot, since it was not permitted in API standards. Which, naturally, made me do two things: • Look at API Standards, because, at least in my 33 years of aligning machinery, I have […]

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