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The 5 Most Useful Shaft Alignment Apps–Download Today!

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By on September 12, 2018

  Technology has made so many of our jobs easier, and this certainly includes the maintenance industry. One aspect of technology you should be taking advantage of if you are a maintenance foreman, team member, or technician is the many smartphone apps that exist to make your job easier and your plant more efficient. Below […]

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Determining Cold Alignment Targets from OEM Dial Indicator Specifications

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By on November 23, 2016

A client was aligning a motor-compressor set and wanted to use the OEM specifications for thermal growth (OL2R) compensation. The manual gave the target values as rim and face dial indicator numbers for either the motor hub or compressor hub. In this case the motor hub specifications were used. He was using the Fixturlaser NXA […]

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Free “Laser-Dials” Shaft Alignment App


By on May 25, 2012

VibrAlign has launched a Free “Laser-Dials” Shaft Alignment App for iPhone, iPad, and Android that converts rotating shaft alignment data between dial indicator readings, and laser shaft alignment system angles and offsets. The “Laser-Dials” App is available for download at the Apple App Store and Google Play. Read more about the “Laser-Dials” App in our […]

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