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Using Your Laser Alignment Tool to Measure Pipe Strain Induced from Tightening Flanges

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By on November 9, 2020

I recently had the pleasure of teaching an alignment class for a Midwest company involved in pipe fabrication and installation.  Their primary concern wasn’t so much in precision shaft alignment, but in being able to measure the effect pipe strain has on alignment.  Before I arrived, they had told me they had fabricated a rig […]

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Pipe Strain/Stress

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By on July 18, 2018

Not only do we write blog articles at VibrAlign, we also read them. Nearly every training session I conduct, pipe strain as a source of alignment frustration, comes up. I recently came across an excellent blog written by Ricky Smith CRL CMRP CMRT that I would like to share. There is some really good information […]

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