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How Long Will a CNC Machine Stay in Alignment?

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By on July 24, 2019

This is not an easy question to answer. We all know that machines can move and don’t stay level forever. Do you ever have a crash on your machine that could throw off the alignment? While we hope this doesn’t happen often, the reality is, crashes and wrecks do happen.  However, there are some things […]

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The Importance of Mechanical Skills in the Data Center: Pump Maintenance and Overhaul

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By on July 8, 2019

Are you prioritizing a regular, predictive maintenance routine for pumps in your facility? Implementing a PdM plan is important for any piece of equipment in your facility. It is essential for sustained function and efficiency of pumps, especially since it is estimated that they account for 25 percent of total motor system energy in the […]

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The Importance of Mechanical Skills in the Data Center: Lubrication

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By on June 11, 2019

Another important skill a data center maintenance worker needs is an understanding of the fundamentals of lubrication. Although lubrication may seem simple, there is a good deal of skill behind knowing proper lubrication methods, quantities, and the difference between over and under lubrication. And because under or over lubrication can cause serious problems such as […]

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Here are 10 Important Steps of a Predictive Maintenance Plan

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By on September 4, 2018

As the resurgence of manufacturing and processing in America continues, the requirements on all of us to do more with less will only grow more important in order to reach the needed profitability goals. Combine this downward pressure with the diversity of today’s plants and their mechanical components, and the overwhelming gap of skilled workers […]

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Why You Should Perform Shaft Alignment as Part of Your PM

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By on December 27, 2017

James Pekarek, one of our trainers, wrote a blog entitled “Performing Alignment Checks as Part of Your Preventive Maintenance”. It is a great article, and good advice.  I recently shared this blog post, and the advice, with a customer of ours.  Here’s why. I taught a training class at a large water plant in […]

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Maintenance Strategies, Part Three – Predictive Maintenance

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By on February 21, 2017

Predictive Maintenance, also known as Condition Based Maintenance or affectionately known as “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” also has its own set of pro’s and con’s. The pro’s: Rotating equipment usually gives warning signs before failure. Vibration level or pattern changes, rise in temperature, wear detected via oil analysis, performance change, motor current […]

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