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MEAX Level

MEAX Level has brought together new technology that generates precision measurements down to 0.001 mm/m with an easily readable user interface.


In just a matter of minutes, MEAX Level enables the user to determine whether a machine is level and whether it is receiving data concerning roll/pitch in the machine bed. With the aid of a wireless connection to the smartphone or tablet, MEAX Level reads two angles in the same measurement. It is available in Level Single or Level Dual.


  • Accurate within 0.001 mm/m
  • Can be easily used with app on smartphone or tablet
  • Simple, easy-to-read user interface
  • Both level sensors come fitted with batteries that will last for 12 hours
  • Each sensor includes a battery indicator which displays the battery status without activating the sensors or tablet
  • IP65-classed, ensuring protection against liquids and dust


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  • MEAX® Level App


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  • MEAX® Level

What’s Included

  • MEAX LM 201
  • MEAX LR 201
  • MEAX Uni Case
  • Ext Power Cables EUR 2m 
  • Magnetic Base 2 pcs.
  • Allen Key 3mm FZB 
  • Power Supply 4 USB-ports 5VDC 1 pcs
  • USB Cable A-mini B 0,5 m black 2 pcs