Effective Horizontal Lathes on Turning Centers

  • Straightness and Level

    STREVEL allows you to check that the machine movements do not have any pitch and roll.
  • Spindle Direction

    Spindle Alignment is checked via four measured points in two positions along the Z axis.
  • Coaxiality

    Step-by-step guidance through the entire measuring process. Measure in four rotation positions and can calculate angular error and center deviation between the spindle and the tool holder.
  • Squareness

    A squareness measurement can be taken by fitting the MEAX prism to the SR sensor, an easy two-step process.
  • Spindle Parallelism

    Used to determine the direction of rotational axis of a machine spindle relative to its own horizontal movement.
  • Sensor Display Level

    Take levelling and roll and pitch measurements or measure an object’s angle towards a reference point.
  • Sensor Display Position

    Use this when you need to see the values from both sensors. You can zero the live values to measure the relative movement on a measuring object.


MEAX MT20 simplifies checks of lathes and milling machines, as well as turning and machine center measurements.


MEAX MT20 is a specially designed measuring system for conducting checks of the geometric status of machine tools quickly and with high accuracy. The instruments measure the geometry of the machine’s movements in a number of simple steps using the various applications that appear in the display unit. The measuring sensors in the MEAX system are precision instruments specially designed to provide high accuracy in a challenging measurement environment.


  • Display unit with strong aluminum frame and rubber-coated surface
  • Shock resistant and easy to hold
  • Large, clear 6.5” touchscreen
  • Integrated laser transmitter, 2-axis PSD detector and a high-resolution inclinometer to record the angle of rotation
  • Includes capability to use STREVEL™, showing several results for one measurement
  • Unique design with wireless communication via Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery.
  • Can be used even if the machine doors are closed
  • Wireless communication allows for greater flexibility of use
  • Portable and water and dust-resistant


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  • STREVEL™ Straightness and Level

  • Coaxiality

  • Spindle Direction

  • Squareness

  • Spindle Parallelism

  • Sensor Display Position

  • Temperature Log


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  • MEAX® Level

  • MEAX® Display Unit

  • MEAX® Angle Prism

What’s Included

  • MEAX Display Unit
  • MEAX SM 201
  • MEAX LM 201
  • MEAX SR 201
  • MEAX LR 201
  • Power Cables 2 pcs.
  • USB Cable
  • Magnetic Base 2 pcs.
  • MEAX SQ 201
  • MEAX Bracket 90 degrees
  • Collet C25-16 2 pcs.
  • Allen Key
  • Power Supply (4 USB-ports 5VDC)
  • Tape Measure
  • USB