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MEAX Pen is a battery-powered measuring pen that simplifies the process of measuring hard-to-access spindles, machine slides, and more.


The MEAX Pen connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the MEAX display unit or to a mobile device using an app. It can be used to measure the runout of machine spindles, backlash in machine guideways, and repeatability in fixtures or machine movements. The wireless transmission enables the sensor to be mounted in the machine with the machine doors closed, thus not compromising the safety of the operator.


  • Bluetooth allows measurements to be taken with machine doors closed
  • App-based with easy-to-read user interface
  • Accurate within 0.0001 mm
  • Measuring sensor can be used to measure: machine spindles, movements/gaps in machine slides, repetition accuracy in fixtures or turning gaps in machine movements.
  • Easily document measurement results


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  • MEAX® Pen

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  • MEAX Pen 

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