Machines with offset drives are often thought of as insensitive to angular errors between driving and driven shafts. Vibration analysis, as well as experiences from paper industry professionals, have proven that this is not the case. Conventional alignment methods cannot provide the needed level of accuracy to adequately eliminate angular misalignment.

The Fixturlaser NXA comes equipped with the Offset/Cardan Shaft software. The Fixturlaser Offset fixtures must be purchased separately. With the software plus the fixtures you will be able to precision align offset mounted machine as fast as you align any other shafts.

What’s Included

The Fixturlaser OffsetXA Expansion Kit comes with everything you need to mount the NXA (or XA) sensors on the shafts. The mounting turrets incorporate aiming lasers that make the mounting and set up quick and easy. The NXA Offset Software (sold separately) is designed specifically for offset alignment, focusing on the elimination of angularity.