OL2R Fixtures, NXA OL2R Software


Alignment of machines that experience significant thermal growth requires an accurate set of target values. These values will allow the machines to be aligned at ambient temperature in position for the shafts to come into proper alignment once the machine has reached operating temperature.

The Fixturlaser NXA equipped with NXA OL2R Software, together with the patented Fixturlaser OL2R fixtures, will deliver the most accurate measurement possible of a machine’s thermal growth characteristics. By measuring the machine’s actual hot and cold conditions you can identify target values that are more accurate than those provided by the OEM.

What’s Included

The Fixturlaser OL2RXA Expansion Kit comes with everything you need to mount the NXA (or XA) sensors on the machines. The turrets incorporate aiming lasers that make the mounting and set up quick and easy. The NXA OL2R Software (sold separately) is designed specifically to identify accurate target values. These values can be transferred directly into a horizontal shaft alignment on the NXA.