FIXTURLASER Vestas Brackets

ITEM # V 1-0843


A fixture for measuring alignment without a coupling that fits on most Vestas turbines.

Fixturlaser Shaft Alignment Benefits

The Fixturlaser shaft alignment instruments are characterized by several attributes and unique functions, where some are of particular benefit for the wind power industry, such as:

  • a short learning curve
  • high precision measuring
  • many mounting options for different kinds of turbines
  • several solutions for non-rotating shafts

Featured functions:

  • Machine Defined Data – User Defined Configuration Templates:
    The Machine Defined Data function allows the user to create configuration templates for all kinds of manufacturing models, where data like distances, target values, and tolerances can be saved. This function is particularly useful for service organizations that maintain several turbine models.
  • Specific Machine Data – Predefined User Configuration Templates:
    The Specific Machine Data function allows for preloading the shaft alignment instruments with predefined machine configuration templates, where data such as distances, target values, and tolerances can be saved. These templates are not editable and safeguard a homogenous alignment configuration of a manufacturer’s different models.